Dental Implants !!

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. It is a titanium screw, which is placed in the jaw bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. The process of teeth implant is quite complicated and should be done by a dental implant specialist. It is the best replacement for a missing tooth, because

- It is the most conservative replacement for a missing tooth, as the adjacent teeth are not touched, unlike in a bridge.

- It is the only replacement for a missing tooth which stabilizes the underlying bone.

- It is as good as a natural tooth in terms of efficiency of chewing, looks and ease in speech

- If maintained by the patient, the implant can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are revolutionary. They are so comfortable and natural in the way they feel and look that sometimes a patient may forget that they have lost a natural tooth. Dental implants in India, is a routine procedure now. Infact there is a regular inflow of dental patients from abroad, for treatment of dental implants in Delhi, the capital of India and other such metro cities. The dental implant costs in India, are also affordable since there is the advantage of the Asian currency for the global quality brands of dental implants.)





What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?


Dental implants look and feel so natural that the person feels comfortable and confident with them. They integrate, beautifully in the jaw bone and stabilise it so no bone loss occurs. Also the gum adapts well with the implant and there is no recession .Thus a dental implant looks like a natural tooth.

Tooth saving/Conservative

A dental implant is the most cost effective and reliable option for a missing tooth. Since the adjacent teeth are not touched or altered in any way, this is a big advantage in maintaining the integrity of the other natural teeth present in the mouth. The implant takes no support from the adjacent natural teeth, only from the underlying bone.


A bright smile always leaves a great impression on the person you are talking to, distorted or broken tooth may reduce your confidence level. The dental implants look so natural that they are hardly distinguishable from the real teeth. They return your confidence and also you can now eat, talk, and speak fluently. The dental implants are secured well within the jaw and does not wobble.


It is evidence based that the success rate of dental implants is highly predictable.Thus (if the main factors are compatible) they are the first line of treatment for missing teeth.

Should you go for a Dental Implant Treatment?

The main criteria for selecting a patient for dental implant treatment is good oral and general health. Compromised bone and gum conditions can be treated to get implant. Age is not a factor if you wish to go for a dental implant.




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