The table below suggests approximate cost of treatments available at our clinic. This cost is an indication of expected expense, the final cost may vary person to person. If you have any further query please contact us over email ( or call 9212822995.


Indicative Cost of Various Treatments.    




General Consultation at clinic

Rs 200

Consultation is waived off in case of treatment

X-Ray Charges

Rs 100


Tooth Extraction

Rs 200

Some complex cases will cost much more

Surgical Extraction of Tooth

Rs 1500 to 5000

Surgical extraction is required for bone fused
tooth or impacted molar.

RCT, Root Canal Treatment

Rs 1500 to 3000

Dental Crown may also be required

Dental Crown (Metal)

Rs 1000

Non Tooth Colored

Dental Crown Ceramic

Rs 1500 to Rs 4900

Tooth Color Matched Crown

Dental Crown Zirconia (Metal free)

Rs 7000 to 12000

Hightech Tooth Color Matched Crown, metel free

Oral Prophylaxis (scaling and polishing)

Rs 1000 - 1500

Including all sitting

Complete Denture

Rs 10000-16000

Natural colored denture will cost more

Braces / Orthodontic Treatment

Rs 25000

Misaligned teeth treatment (inclusive of all sittings)

Tooth Colored Braces

Rs 40000

Misaligned teeth treatment Using Ceramic Braces

Tooth straightening with hidden braces, lingual braces

Rs 60000

Misaligned teeth treatment completely hidden braces (invisible braces). We use fine quality imported braces at lowest fees.

Invisible Braces, teeth straightening without braces

On Request

Cost varies depending upon your problem. We use clear path aligner for this treatment.

Dental Implant

Rs 15000 to 35000

Some brands may cost higher

Filling (Tooth Colored )

Rs 700 to Rs 1000

Laser filling also available

Filling Children

Rs 400

also called pediatric filling

Teeth Whitening

Rs 5000 to Rs 10000

Tobacco Stains, Gutka stain also removed


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There are many reasons for "WHY US". Few of them are mentioned under below:


1. It is the one of the best dental clinics among the dental clinics Dwarka.


2. Highly experienced previously worked at AIIMS (ex-AIIMS).


3. All the best and most advanced dental equipments available and used here.


4. Lifetime guarantee on Implants, crowns and bridges. All other treatments also comes under the guarantee.


5. Over more then 4500 satisfied patients till feb 2014.


6. Always use brand new and sealed sterilized examination sets. So no chances of cross infection.


7. We recommend only the treatment which is required. No false claim or unnecessary treatment.


8. We believe in affordable dentistry with Best quality practices and 100% customer satisfaction.


9. Uses only best quality dental materials.

Follow proper hygiene and all sterilization processes to avoid cross infection.


10. Patients are allowed to follow up on phone and emails.


11. Being a multispecialty Clinic all dental procedures under one roof by appropriate specialists.


12. We respect patient’s autonomy, modesty and privacy all the time.