Treatment Guarantee


We offer an extensive guarantee for our dental patients:



Fixed restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays)

 7years / lifetime

Removable Denture

1 year

Implants (implant only)

Life time


1 years


The guarantee does not cover:


The cost of flight and accommodation


Temporary restorations


If dental work is continued at another clinic


If the patient has gum or periodontal disease


Extensive weight loss or gain over a short period of time


If the patient has certain illnesses or undergoes certain types of treatments for diabetes, osteoporosis, chemotherapy


If the patient does not present for an annual control examination


If the denture is not used properly


If the dentist's instructions are not followed properly


If oral hygiene is neglected


Unforeseen root canal treatment


- Our guarantee is valid only on remedial dental work

- Please note, that price quotes supplied via email to our patients are estimates only. During your free consultation a detailed treatment plan and quotation will be given to you by your dentist.

- Smile india Dental is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment. Occasionally root canal treatment may be necessary due to the trauma caused by the preparation work for crowns or bridges.


There are many reasons for "WHY US". Few of them are mentioned under below:


1. It is the one of the best dental clinics among the dental clinics Dwarka.


2. Highly experienced previously worked at AIIMS (ex-AIIMS).


3. All the best and most advanced dental equipments available and used here.


4. Lifetime guarantee on Implants, crowns and bridges. All other treatments also comes under the guarantee.


5. Over more then 4500 satisfied patients till feb 2014.


6. Always use brand new and sealed sterilized examination sets. So no chances of cross infection.


7. We recommend only the treatment which is required. No false claim or unnecessary treatment.


8. We believe in affordable dentistry with Best quality practices and 100% customer satisfaction.


9. Uses only best quality dental materials.

Follow proper hygiene and all sterilization processes to avoid cross infection.


10. Patients are allowed to follow up on phone and emails.


11. Being a multispecialty Clinic all dental procedures under one roof by appropriate specialists.


12. We respect patient’s autonomy, modesty and privacy all the time.